Sunday, 20 July 2014

CRPS - Scaphoid ligament reconstruction

Wanted to keep you up to date with my recover so far.

I went to see my surgeon last Monday who diagnosed me with something called CRPS. He and the consultant working with him explained that the visual look of my hand showed signs of it, so then proceeded to ask me to explain how my wrist/hand was feeling. After telling them he said yes it was definitely CRPS and that it would add on extra time in my recovery but as I am a very determined person then he know I would throw myself into phsyio to help the healing. He said it would be very hard but for me to try to not to get upset and that I could do it. I will see him again in a few months time.

How my hand feels and what is CRPS?

CRPS stands for - Complex regional pain syndrome.
This is the NHS web site

My hand and wrist is painful all the time but gets worst and last for a while. The pain changes so confuses me a little. Sometimes I get stabbing pain but when I've tried to use it then sometimes the pain is a stinging sensation. I also have two areas, one at the base of my thumb to my wrist and the other on my little finger side that is numb but if you touch there then it goes all tingling.

My skin is very sensitive and the slightest touch can cause intense pain. I don't like wearing anything that touches my skin and when I try to do something ie. like writing I get strong pains in my little and ring finger and thumb.

It's strange how my skin has changed too, sometimes its red and dry, then other times it goes blue and sweaty. The colour is very mottled and my hairs on my hand has changed to really dark longer hairs.

I'm whole hand and fingers are stiff too but I'm not sure if that's from the operation or this CRPS. It's really difficult to move my fingers and wrist, I can't straighten up all my fingers. I also have a lot of swelling in the base of my thumb all around and across my knuckles and wrist. I can't get my ring on either as my fingers are swollen too.

I'm also finding it difficulty to sleep due to the pain.

I saw my physiotherapist a few days last and have started on my exercises and some touching sensation therapy too. I take painkillers and have also now started a course of tablets to help my brain tell my nerves in my hand that it's ok and hopefully that will help with the symptoms.

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